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Over 6 years of research and development and 23 patents, we’ve combined the customization of your unique skin needs and the power of emulsified, active ingredients with every application. Prepare your skin for the freshest, most potent formula at the push of a button—this is Duolab.

The power of 2

First, find the Concentrated Booster that best fits what your skin needs, then choose your Moisturizing Base for a surge of ingredients available in a Ultra-Rich or Lightweight Texture. 

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Science-backed skin care

It all begins with the smartest scientists, the correct equipment, and a real solution. Backed by science, Duolab has been clinically tested to deliver only the best for you and your skin.

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Your best blend


Your questions. Answered.


Q. How is this skin care different?

A. All LimeLife Duolab formulas are highly concentrated in active ingredients – up to 2 times more concentrated than regular face care products. The cream is freshly blended at the very last minute. This ensures that our ingredients are more effective. For example, our hyaluronic acid and konjac complex is activated at the very last moment for a boosted smoothing effect. The cream is delivered warm for more effective absorption of active ingredients into the skin, opening the pores and boosting vasodilatation and the cells metabolism. Your daily cream is the result of pairing the right texture and the right active ingredients to suit your skin's needs and delivering great results. All capsule combinations have been scientifically tested and their efficacy is proven through clinical tests and satisfaction tests.

Q. Why Preservative Free?

A. Our airtight capsules maintain optimal stability, potency, and sterility by protecting the active ingredients within from oxidation, UV light, and contamination thus eliminating exposure and the risk of bacterial contamination so there is no need for a preservative. And these formulas have a shelf life of at least 3 years after being produced.

Q. How long can I keep my cream once it has been freshly blended?

A. The creams should be used immediately after being made. Your active ingredients are more effective when the formula is freshly made: the encapsulated hyaluronic acid contained in the moisturizing bases will be activated upon application. The power of thermo-cosmetics will be turned on optimizing a better distribution of the cream on the skin, better absorption of active ingredients and a better sensory experience. LimeLife for Duolab formulas are made without preservatives. They are therefore vulnerable to contamination once the face care dose has been freshly made.

Q. Can I just cut the capsules?

A. Like mixing a cake you don’t want to mix wet and dry ingredients. The device is a must in the activation process. The thermo-cosmetic technology heats the capsules to match body temperature to facilitate absorption. Device blending creates an ultra-fine emulsion. The process cannot be manually duplicated.


Q. How do I charge my device?

A. When the battery light starts flashing quickly during a cycle, this means your battery is low. Don't worry, the device is designed to perform a few cycles before it is fully discharged. You will find a battery charger in your device box, with an adapter. You can use it to charge your device. The battery light will continue to flash as the device charges. The light will stop flashing when the battery is fully charged. A fully charged battery will last one month if used twice per day or 2 months if only used once per day.

Q. Do I need to keep it plugged in?

A. No, you don’t need to keep it plugged in. A full charge takes 2.5 hours and will provide at least 40 blending cycles. A blending cycle will take 90 seconds.

Q. I’m having issues with my device, what do I do?

A. If the ON/OFF button is lit: press the button again to start the cycle. If the ON/OFF button is flashing: check that the dispenser has been properly inserted into the base of the Duolab device. The product emits a ‘beep’ when the dispenser is correctly inserted.

If your device still doesn’t start:

  1. Check that your capsules have been inserted correctly into the dispenser. Check the insertion direction indicated by the arrow printed on the capsule and on the tutorial video.
  2. Do you want to reset the device? Press the 2 buttons of the dashboard together for 3 seconds and then wait for a further 3 seconds. Then turn off the machine and start again. If your device still doesn’t work after testing all the above options then contact our customer care team

Q. How do I clean my device?

A. Our unique contactless technology ensures the cream never comes in contact with your device. This means there’s no need to clean your device after use. However if for any reason you have accidentally spilled some cream in the device, you can clean it with a dry cloth or a cotton swab. If it's not enough to clean the device then contact our customer care. They will assist further.

Q. How do I recycle my capsules?

A. We have partnered with TerraCycle to easily recycle your used capsules. We recommend collecting and storing your used capsules until you have saved a bulk to help support a more sustainable return process.

Q. What Is Rowenta?

A. Rowenta (a part of the SEB group) is our electronic industry supplier who produces our device.

Q. Is Duolab a collaboration? I see it in the market? What makes it exclusive to LimeLife?

A. Duolab is a technology system that we partnered with for the device that is exclusive for us to use in LimeLife specific markets globally (US, Canada & France, Germany, Austria, UK). The capsules are LimeLife products exclusively made specifically to use for this device globally. You may see other Duolab capsules in the market but they are not the LimeLife formula.