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LimeLife Sponges · Professional Disposable Sponges ·
Alcone's  Non-Latex makeup sponge is a staple item in every professional makeup artist kit.  These little wedges help apply foundation and blend out powders, such as eyeshadows and blush.  Used damp or dry, these little white must-haves will make your application look flawless.

Several decades ago, makeup artists were looking for a makeup sponge that was non-latex, didn't crumble, and didn't yellow.  We searched high and low until we found a vendor who could provide this perfect combination.  That was how the famous Alcone non-latex sponge was born.  We have sold millions of these sponges, they have won Allure Best Beauty Products countless times, and have touched the faces of the most famous celebrities worldwide.  They are our family's all time best-selling product.
There are countless ways to use our non-latex sponge.  For foundation application, use dry for an opaque finish or dampen the sponge for a sheer, subtle application.  To help blend eyeshadows and blush, use dry.  The sponge's edge provides a great tool for smoothing powder liner and applying smoky eyes.