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Conveniently store up to 20 large and small brushes and one Blenderful sponge in the Bend and Snap Brush Roll. Roll out and snap open your brush roll to leave flat on your workspace counter or pull the elastic closure to prop your brushes upright. The unique design of this brush roll was created to protect brushes while traveling, keep brushes off the counter, sanitary, and readily available while you work, and take up less counter space. When you’re ready to go snap closed and your brushes will self-roll in a snap!

Price: $58.00

The unique design of this brush roll was created to solve several problems that artists face when on set. Not enough workspace, can’t find the right brush or misplaced the brush they were just working with, brushes touching each other resulting in cross contamination, brushes touching a filthy counter, damaging brushes in transit- the list goes on and on! That is why we created the Bend and Snap Brush Roll. Spend less time chasing your brushes while you work and during clean up and more time doing what you do best!

Roll out brush roll until you hear a snap. Keep flat or prop open by pulling the elastic closure to desired upright position. Store brushes with larger handles on the left side and brushes with smaller handles on the right. Store your Blenderful sponge in the mesh sponge holder. To close, simply cover your brush heads with the protective flap and snap closed. The brush roll will self-close and is ready to go!

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