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Over the Rainbow Riki Cutie Mirror · · Limited-Edition

Troubles melt like lemon drops with this problem-solving lighted makeup mirror! The Over the Rainbow Riki Cutie travel mirror features optimum lighting for makeup application, plus a special edition rainbow design.


Light up the world everywhere you go with the Glamcor Riki Cutie. This travel sized, ultra lightweight mirror features optimum lighting with three stage dimming, a rechargeable battery, a shatterproof mirror, and has a built in retractable finger ring and leg stand. Store in its soft carrying sleeve and touch up with perfect lighting on-the-go!

Charge your Riki Cutie with the included USB cord. Once charged, your Riki Cutie is portable. Press circular button on back of mirror to select desired level of lighting. Press finger ring in to retract and store away. Store in included soft carrying sleeve for safety.