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Your personal beauty guide

Anthony Shelton

From my siblings, then myself, now my clients. I’ve been playing in makeup and with photography since a young age. Around the age of 9 if I had to guess! I’ve always been fascinated by the transformations possible with makeup. My passion with makeup began as a small child watching my mom get ready and applying her makeup religiously. As I grew up and made my discovery of the beauty and entertainment industry; my life was forever changed. Realizing being a makeup artist was an actual job title and you could work in the entertainment industry from photo shoots to film sets, thats when I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’ve been working as a freelance professional makeup artist since 2010 starting with local entertainers and moving into photo shoots before eventually finding my “home” with film. Along the way I’ve also worked with numerous private clients for special events, weddings, proms, and red carpets. I’m also proud to share my work with others through social media! Connect with me below:

connect with me: