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Stacie Thomas

Hello & welcome to my online store! In case we aren't personally acquainted, let me tell you a little about myself. I am born & raised in the PNW, I am Licensed Cosmetologist and Makeup Artist trained by the industry's finest. Outside of the beauty world enjoy retro video games and travelling the countryside in my free time. With my experience working with dozens of beauty brands I had become quite jaded from the disconnect between marketing and actual product performance. What should be the fun part of becoming a makeup artist became a chore, I regularly observed little difference between drugstore and department store products. Long story short when I first experienced LimeLight products I knew it had to be the heart of my professional kit. The truly natural skincare, the insane pigment & blendability of the eyeshadows, the time proven pro formulas... So now I offer the same awesome products I use in my kit to clients. If you ever need any assistance I offer consultations both in person and virtually in case you live somewhere without a rep. Thank you for your time!

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