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My Beauty Guide:

Jean Lucas // Brazen Faith #LoveBrazenly

// WELCOME // 👑 Hello and a warm welcome to you from Anchorage, Alaska! I'm Jean Lucas, and I run the Brazen Faith #LoveBrazenly© website. My goal is to share all of my knowledge and help women look and feel as bold and beautiful as *their true selves*, and NOT how the world sees fit. Life is too short for anything less. If you feel great, believe you’re taking care of yourself (inside and out), and are helping others in whatever way you can, I’ve done my job! Skincare and cosmetics can be scary (and have scary ingredients!) but I’m here to show you that it doesn’t have to be. LimeLife has taken the guesswork out of it and it’s truly some of the best on the market and improving each day! I’m not a professional makeup artist, but I’m a researcher and know quite a few tricks from over the years. We all have to start somewhere, so have no fear! I’m truly honored to have you here to share this journey together. We all have a little of something to learn and to give- this is a great place for it! Thank you for choosing me as YOUR Beauty Guide. 🌺 I’m humbled and blessed. 🙏 Please contact me with any questions or concerns and I’ll be glad to help out. Make sure to click on “Sign In” at the top and register for an account to receive the latest news, special offers and to participate in the NEW LIMELIFER PROGRAM! Earn LimeLife rewards, discounts and FREE professional-grade makeup and skincare simply by shopping and referring others to the company!😊 Thanks again! Aloha from Alaska! 🌺💜 💜 // Jean Visit my blog for more! By: Jean Lucas© All rights reserved.

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