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Your personal beauty guide

Cindy Lee

Hello, I'm Cindy Lee an Ambassador of Culture for LimeLife and a Global Founding Beauty Guide. Personally, I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother, with a passion for building confidence in women through LimeLife. I had a career I loved but retired to help as my parent's health failed and my two youngest were still at home. 10 years later LimeLife found me. I did not plan to start a new career. But from the moment I tried these products I knew they would change many lives, especially those who had started to see signs of aging. Quality products, affordable price point, and the opportunity to lead a team of successful women are so rewarding. Today I travel the world to build confidence, does this interest you? Let me know if you have questions on our products or the business opportunity and, thank you for allowing me to share LimeLife with you!

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