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Cindy Lee

Hello, I'm Cindy Lee an Ambassador of Culture for LimeLife and a Global Founding Beauty Guide. Personally, I am a wife, and a mother of four beautiful daughters, all of whom share my passion for LimeLife. I traveled the county to train and serve as a mentor in a career I loved and thought I would be there until my husband and I were both ready to retire. Then life happened as my parent's health failed and my two youngest were still at home. I left that career to be able to focus on my family and almost 10 years later LimeLife found me. I did not plan to start a new career. But from the moment I tried these products I knew they would change many lives, especially those who had started to see signs of aging. Between the quality products, the affordable price point, and the opportunity to lead a team of successful women in an empowering culture it was an opportunity I could not resist. Being with a company that shares my values, gives me the chance to help others see the beauty in themselves, and to travel the world provides an incredible experience which I love to share with others. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is art". I fell in love with creating art through LimeLife in May 2015, and my enthusiasm and appreciation have only increased since. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching as women discover new ways to care for their skin and the art of giving themselves a new look. It has been so rewarding to hear them talk about their husband's and friend's reactions. Our team is committed to change lives across the globe, wouldn't you like to be a part of this opportunity? Let me know if you have questions on any of our products, or if you would like more information on this groundbreaking business opportunity. And, thank you for allowing me to share LimeLife with you!

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