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Blenderful · Non-Latex Sponge ·

Flawlessly apply cream or powder-based products with our double-ended makeup sponge. This reusable, non-latex sponge is half wedge and half egg-shaped to expertly reach small and large areas around your face.


“A little over a year ago after being introduced to LimeLife’s Skincare I began trying the Makeup Line. It was amazing the difference it was making with my skin. So just imagine how horrible it was when I woke up one morning to a black eye. The thought of heading to work and looking at customers face to face was definitely starting to panic me. I grabbed my Blenderful, a small brush, and the most amazing concealer ever and began working on hiding this wonderful new surprise. Not only was I able to cover the spot under my eye but I never even had to touch it up during the day!!   Our waterproof concealer offers some of the most amazing coverage I’ve ever seen! It is truly the Best on the Market!!”


Mary M.

Winchester ,VA, U.S.A


“I have to share my Complete amazement with the Blenderful! I had always used a foundation brush to apply my foundation before joining LimeLife. At times I had the brush lines and trying blend them in was such as pain. I received my Blenderful and it is my Favorite item by far! I use so much less foundation to get great coverage. My foundation goes on very smooth and no more brush lines! I suggest investing in a Blenderful for beautiful flawless foundation coverage! “

Crystal M.

Clinton, NC, U.S.A


“True story is that I used to not even own makeup brushes because I didn't want to clean them. The task was such a chore, and I felt it was simply easier to buy disposable sponges, use them a few times, throw them away, and then use my fingers the apply the rest. Not only was this unsanitary but also super expensive. The Clean Act Brush and Sponge Shampoo makes this task so easy! It has completely upgraded my makeup game. I've invested in quality LimeLife by Alcone brushes and the Blenderful, and with this product I know that I am cleansing them properly and that my makeup tools will stay in great condition. This product has saved me so much time and money!”

Kristie S.

Hanover, PA, U.S.A


“I have fallen in love with the Blenderful. Before I found LimeLife I used a foundation brush and my make-up looked caked on and thick. Now that I have the blenderful my make-up goes on smooth, looks normal and not thick and it's so easy and simple to use. I will forever be a blenderful girl...”

Megan D.

Savannah, TN, U.S.A

Use the Blenderful to apply our Botanical Foundation, as well as our Perfect Eyeshadows, Blushes, Bronzers, and Pressed Powder.  Here's how: 

To apply our Botanical Foundation, use damp for a light, feather finish or dry for an opaque finish.  To dampen the sponge, run it under warm water until saturated and then give it a good squeeze.

To flawlessly apply and blend our Perfect Eyeshadows, Blushes, Bronzers, and Pressed Powder, dry use is recommended.

To clean the Blenderful, wash in lukewarm water with baby shampoo.  With regular cleaning, your Blenderful can be used for up to 3 months.

We sought to combine the usability of two popular sponge shapes, the egg and the wedge, into one super sponge!  Thus, the Blenderful!  We worked for months on the sponge density and smooth, soft surface until it was perfect.  And since we work with so many women on the move, we added a great mesh travel case.