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This best-selling, lighted mirror comes with an adjustable stand, as well as a phone clip and 3x magnifying mirror attachment that magnetically adheres to the mirror. The phone attachment will allow you to record or snap pictures at varying angles. The lights around the mirror have 5 different settings and the mirror itself has a rechargeable battery. It also has Bluetooth capability, with buttons on the bottom right, so your arm is not in the picture.

The mirror is 10" high and 9.25" wide.

Price: $194.00

When the founders of Glamcor realized they had a super hot item, they came to Alcone and LimeLife to help launch it in the US. We were honored to be partnering with this forward-thinking brand.

Plastic and Metal
Plug the RIKI in to charge the battery. Once charged, the RIKI is then portable. Choose your lighting setting, adjustable with 5 different levels of brightness. Add attachments as needed, one for your phone and one for magnification. The phone attachment can be used to record at all angles. Use the Bluetooth feature to take pictures using the buttons on the bottom right of the mirror (that way your arm is not in the photo).