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Classified Smokey Liner Brush #11 PRODUCT #LLLUXBR11
The Classified Luxe Brush Collection includes a complete array of professional artist must-have brushes. Each brush head is made by hand with high-quality vegan bristles and features a sleek black, weighted handle for precision and control. Brushes are available individually or as a set. The complete set comes packed in a free, vegan leather canister.
Price: $16.00
A perfect makeup application involves two important factors: high quality products and high quality tools. Each of these brushes were made by hand and designed to perform at professional standards with LimeLight by Alcone products. They were built to last and can be easily cleaned with our Come Clean Brush & Sponge Shampoo.
Vegan Synthetic Fibers
Use to line eye with precision and control. Perfect to smudge out shadow or liner to create a professional, yet simple, smoldering eye.