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Over the Rainbow Riki Skinny Mirror · · Limited-Edition

Troubles melt like lemon drops with this problem-solving lighted makeup mirror! The Over the Rainbow RIKI Skinny is a portable, Bluetooth-enabled makeup mirror that features optimum lighting for makeup application, plus a special edition rainbow design. Snap your phone into the Riki Skinny’s convenient attachment and use the Bluetooth buttons to take effortless selfies or follow along with makeup tutorials.


This lighted mirror’s sleek and modern design will upgrade anyone’s vanity. The RIKI SKINNY is not only an amazing mirror but the best streaming device. The Bluetooth selfie function and magnetic phone holder allow you to take effortless selfies, quality Youtube videos, or follow along in makeup tutorials. No filter is needed when you use the natural light setting for selfies or makeup applications.

The mirror is 10" high and 9.25" wide.

Plug the RIKI in to charge the battery. Once charged, the RIKI is then portable. Choose your lighting setting, adjustable with 5 different levels of brightness. Add attachments as needed, one for your phone and one for magnification. The phone attachment can be used to record at all angles. Use the Bluetooth feature to take pictures using the buttons on the bottom right of the mirror (that way your arm is not in the photo).