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One Drop Wonder Pomifera Oil For All Skin Types PRODUCT #LLODW 0.5 OZ.
One Drop Wonder is Pomifera Oilâ„¢ cold-pressed from the Osage Orange Fruit Seed. It is full of super antioxidants and is rich in Omega-6 which plays a crucial role in anti-aging. It helps replenish dehydrated skin and results in a gorgeous and healthy glow. This oil absorbs immediately and will increase the effectiveness of your favorite LimeLife products.
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“My One Drop Wonder Story - I have been able to help so many people with this product. I even had a lady join my team as a result of what this product did for her horrible reaction to something she had used on her face. Her skin was so inflamed. She had pockets of fluid under her eyes and large blisters on her neck. "One Drop Wonder" solved that within a couple of days and she had been to 3 Doctors and they were not able to help her, but "One Drop Wonder" saved her skin. Also, I had another customer who had a sever reaction to a laser peel and again "One Drop Wonder" saved the day. Her face was extremely red and swollen. She could hardly open her eyes, but within a couple of days, problem solved.  I also personally had a severe burn and "One Drop Wonder" healed my badly burned arm within 3-4 days. Also, my husband who is the biggest skeptic ever and who's skin was in such bad shape, his face looked like a dried raisin. After using "One Drop Wonder" he is now a firm believer and has restored him to smoother skin. “

Betty S

Greenville, SC, U.S.A


“I had originally become a Beauty Guide for the makeup. Back then I didn’t take care of my skin at all. I had acne scars from over a decade past and at that point, I just thought the would be stuck with me forever. I ended up getting skincare in my kit and I fell in love with it. My skin started clearing up within the first couple of weeks. I can finally leave my house without a full face of makeup and feel comfortable. Dream clean, Skin Polish and One Drop Wonder absolutely changed my life and brought a confidence that makes my former self unrecognizable. “

Desiree S

Chicago, IL, U.S.A


“I burned my hand pretty significantly on my oven and was in a lot of pain for hours. I applied an ice pack and couldn't remove it because the pain was so bad. My husband is a surgeon and was just about to call in a burn cream when he suggested that I try One Drop Wonder. I kid you not... the moment it dropped on my fingers, the pain vanished. GONE. I was in shock. I feel that the icepack stopped the burning first, and then our magical oil took care of the rest! One Drop Wonder is like First Aid for your Skin!”

Lori L

Nashville, TN, U.S.A


“I am a special needs mom, my youngest is Autistic and putting lotions and oils on him, well it's the equivalent of wrangling a wild boar. He suffers from a severe eczema on his cheeks and so many things I have fought with and failed. Finally, One Drop Wonder came into my life. It not only works, he LOVES the way it feels. It is my favorite product by far and one of the best investments you can make for your skin.”

Andrea D

Oak Ridge, TN, U.S.A


I am a Registered Nurse and LimeLight by Alcone’s Masque of Zen and One Drop Wonder has gotten rid of one of my patients’ staph infection on their neck area. These products are AMAZING!!”

Jessica L

West Memphis, AR, U.S.A


“I have struggled with rosacea and acne since I was 11 years old; I am currently 44. I began using the skincare line in March of 2017 and in one year’s time, I have only had ONE exacerbation of rosacea and that was just recently when I ran out of Calm Balm and One Drop Wonder.  The entire skincare line has changed my skin and my life.  I am so incredibly thankful to have healthy, younger looking skin after so many years of painful rosacea. “

April J

New Bern, NC, U.S.A

One of our LimeLife leaders from Iowa was telling our CEO, Michele Gay, about this amazing hair oil that comes from the Osage Orange seed. These seeds are found in green hedgeballs that seemingly carpet Iowa in the fall. She mentioned that a chemist she knows was able to cold-press the oil so that it can be extracted free of chemicals. Out of curiosity, Michele reached out to the chemist to find out more about his oil. What she discovered was even more amazing than anticipated. His research proved that the Osage Orange oil, also known as Pomifera Oil, is an exceptional beauty discovery.


Pomifera Oil - cold-pressed extracted from the Osage Orange fruit seed. It is full of super antioxidants, rich in Omega-6, and UV protective. It repairs damaged and aged skin cells and helps heal many common skin issues, including rosacea.


Maclura Pomifera Seed Oil (Osage Orange Seed Oil)

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Used alone twice a day, this oil will reverse damage to your skin, restore moisture, and give you a gorgeous, healthy glow. Pair with other LimeLight products, such as Sotoks, and watch how One Drop Wonder accelerates results by delivering a higher concentration of effective, natural ingredients into skin cells.

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