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Blenderful Pro Pack · 6 Non-latex Makeup Sponges ·

Flawlessly apply LimeLife by Alcone makeup with our multi-purpose, non-latex, reusable sponge. The Blenderful has a pointed and angled edge that can be used to cover blemishes, reach the corners of the eyes, and cover around the nose; while the flat bottom can be used on larger areas such as the face, neck, and decolletage.


Now available in a Pro Pack of six! Flawlessly apply cream or powder-based products with our double-ended makeup sponge. This reusable, non-latex sponge is half wedge and half egg-shaped to expertly reach small and large areas around your face. Dampen your Blenderful before applying Perfect Foundation for a radiant, sheer finish. For a more full-coverage look, work with a dry sponge. When applying Perfect Blushes, Bronzers or other powders, a dry Blenderful will help you achieve a soft, airbrushed effect.

For foundation application, use wet to create a sheer finish or dry for more coverage. To apply and blend shadows and powders, dry use is recommended. When possible, use a gentle, dabbing motion.
To clean: Wash in lukewarm water with LimeLife by Alcone Brush & Sponge Shampoo. With regular cleansing, it is suggested to replace your Blenderful every 3 months.

Material: Non-Latex Foam