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Jennifer Hammons

hey 1st id like to say thanks and welcome to my LIMELIGHT... My name is Jennifer Hammons I am a mother of 3 and a middle school Science teacher. I also served in the Navy for 5 years . I decided to start selling LimeLight 1st because I wanted a way to supplement my income to be a work from home mom but now I have fallen in love with everything about . t realized I need to start helping other women like me. Whether it's to get that flawless look in no time to get you out the door, chasing after the kids to get to work, for that visual pick-me-up, that we all love to have, to look younger, or cover up imperfections that make you feel insecure, I would love to be the person you feel you can come to for any of that. I'm also here if you would like to do the same thing to make ends meet or make it a career. I have a real passion promoting positivity. As women, we should lift each other and rather than focus on the flaws. I'm here never hesitate to ask.

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