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Your personal beauty guide

Kat Aragon

Welcome! As a pro makeup artist that has worked with celebrities for a number of years I have realized just how many people, including celebrities themselves, don't feel empowered in their makeup routine on a daily basis. While I appreciate the business I get as a pro, I don't want anyone to ever feel less than confident when I am not there. My passion is to help everyone fall in love with their beauty routine through simplifying the process and working with the best pro quality cosmetics offered to the public. I do this by breaking down 6 key components to helping everyone find their authentic beauty routine and I'd love to do that for you as well! ⁣ Text "CUSTOMIZE" to (833) 995-4308 and I will help you with a personal breakdown to get you streamlined and confident in what you are using. As for a makeup routine, everything starts with the Color Match Quiz which I have linked below (last icon). I will reach out to you after you take the quiz if you don't reach out to me first through the number. I look forward to being your personal Beauty Guide!

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