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About Us

Our Heritage

Our family-owned company was founded in 1952, selling stage makeup to starlets out of a small store in New York City. We got to know some of the top artists in theater and film, bonding over our shared pride in our work.

We realized quickly that our passion for top-quality professional makeup was matched only by a drive to help people pursue passions of their own. As makeup artists began referring their clients to us to learn about favorite products, we recognized that same drive in so many others.

Our Company

We’re proud of our beauty heritage, but even prouder of what it’s helped us build. Today’s LimeLife by Alcone is the evolution of that small store in the theater district, with decades more experience but all of the heart and drive.

We’re still always learning, working tirelessly together to source professional makeup and all-natural skin care that really performs. LimeLife has expanded across the world, but family is still at the heart of who we are: committed to quality, nurturing of individuality and driven to help others pursue passions of their own.

Our Commitment

To Our Beauty Guides

Today, our LimeLife family includes an incredible community of Beauty Guides. What began as an informal referral system has grown into a powerful opportunity to help others uncover their own inner confidence and outer radiance.

We’re committed to putting our family first, looking out for one another and supporting every Beauty Guide unconditionally as they reach confidently toward their goals.

To Our Planet

To Our Planet

As members of our greater community, it’s important to us that LimeLife cosmetics are as kind to the planet as possible. All LimeLife skin care is Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free, organic and chemical-free. Our professional makeup is Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free and as natural as possible without sacrificing its performance.

You can help us keep our planet clean by recycling our clamshell packaging and reusing your LimeLife palettes. When you purchase a refill of your favorite shades, we’ll also make a donation to the Brighter Together Foundation to help your good deed go even further.

We’ve also partnered with TerraCycle® to offer a free recycling program for the rest of our skin care and makeup packaging. Everything from bottles and tubes to pumps and caps can be mailed in to become raw and reused material!


Our LimeLife community is made up of an incredibly diverse group of people with one very important goal in common: to empower ourselves and others. In 2017, we seized the opportunity to spread that spirit even further and established the Brighter Together Foundation.

When you purchase one of our Brighter Together Collections, you help provide entrepreneurial field training and support to women in the world’s most impoverished countries.

We pass 100% of our funding onto our charitable partner, Project Concern International’s (PCI) Women Empowered (WE) Initiative. WE members pool their savings and make loans to one another, and PCI gives the women guidance to start their own successful businesses.

Together, we have already helped over 13,000 female entrepreneurs become leaders in their communities.

Fempire Fund

As we got to know the women impacted by our Brighter Together Foundation, we realized how important a supportive community was to their progress. On top of that, the program was teaching women how to balance personal wellness with entrepreneurial action – something we wanted to explore even further.

Our goal for The Fempire Fund is to pair self-confidence with financial confidence by supporting businesses whose mission is female empowerment. Through the Fund, LimeLife provides critical growth funding, entrepreneurial training and a unique community of Beauty Guides who can advocate for these businesses.

How Does It Work?

LimeLife builds an investment Fund of four to five businesses whose mission is female empowerment

Leaders of those businesses get support from the Fund

Eligible Beauty Guides may trade their $5,000 bonus for a share in the Fund;
there is no cap for how many shares a Beauty Guide can earn in the initial Fund

Within a five to 10-year period, we aim to deliver an increased return on the initial investment

phthalate free paraben free chemical free cruelty free