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Your personal beauty guide

Kimberley Huggins

YOU ARE AMAZING! Do you feel it? That's my goal as your personal Beauty Guide! I want every woman that I come in contact with to feel accepted, adored and AMAZING! That's where LimeLife by Alcone comes in! We have something for every woman, in every season of life, in every walk of life! I am so thrilled to be able to share with you a harsh chemical free, natural/organic skincare line that actually works! No worries here! Then, be in on the secret of celebrities and their professional makeup artists! Apply confidence with our professional quality makeup that's for everyone! I give you our 100% happiness guarantee that you will love the products, customized for you, that you choose! Thank you so much for stopping by my LimeLife by Alcone site! If you have any questions or concerns, I hope you'll contact me - that's my job as your Beauty Guide! I dearly value all the time I spend with all the AMAZING women that I meet on this joyful journey! (Kimberley is a wife, mother, photographer, retailer, reader, foodie, dancer, sports junkie, volunteer and as of 2017, breast cancer survivor.)

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