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Your personal beauty guide

Melissa Iannacone Chen

I truly value the quality of these products. Makeup artistry is my passion in life. I have been an artist for 13 years. I see beauty in all those around me and love to empower women from the inside out enhancing their true beauty. I'm here to share my passion and unique talent with this gorgeous line. I am proud to put my name behind a company such as LimeLight by Alcone. They offer chemical free skincare, are animal cruelty free, have outstanding makeup products that makeup artists have used throughout Hollywood and Broadway for over half a century. They offer eco friendly packaging, Made in the USA products, feature 50%+ pigmented products resulting in less consumption and manage to have an excellent and competitive price point. I've used these products in my professional kit for years and everyone would ask me what foundation I was using and what products are in my kit. I am happy to share all this beautiful makeup and skincare with you!

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