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Meredith Ehler

Hi! Welcome! I am a professional makeup and hair artist in the Washington, DC area. I am so excited that someone FINALLY put together the PERFECT makeup line for me to sell to my clients - whether you are in the USA or the UK or Canada - and Europe! LimeLife (previously LimeLight) is made up of the best that the makeup industry has to offer - the very same makeup used on celebrities, in TV and in film. If you like makeup, chemical-free skincare then message me about getting started by buying the starter kit for $169. If you are an MUA then it's a no-brainer to join just for your kit - but if you ever send your clients to another store to buy what you used on them - then join and now they go to YOUR LINK to buy what you used! I travel all around the country attending professional makeup shows to update my kit with the best products as well as take classes from the best MUA's around. Now you all can get the same products by going to my LimeLife website and clicking a button! Message me to set up an appointment, or to schedule a show so you and your friends can try it for yourself. Or if you want to be a part of MY team and sell it too - click "Become a Beauty Guide and for $169 you can join my team! Can't wait to hear from you :). Whether you are here in Loudoun County, Northern Virginia, the Washington, DC area, Canada, the UK or anywhere in America - you can be on my team or simply buy the red-carpet makeup you see on your favorite celebrities!

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