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Morgan Lindsay Storicks

Hi there! I'm Morgan Lindsay and I've been a makeup artist for over a decade! I'm a San Diego native, and flew the coop for a while to spend some time living and working in New York City and Brooklyn. I’m currently putting some roots down in Nashville, TN! I love helping people feel amazing and arming them with the tools to do so. And I realized that in all my years as a makeup artist, in all different settings (working with brides for weddings, actors on film sets, celebrities on the red carpet, models on photo shoots, and every day women in their homes), that the number one thing I get asked is..."What products do I need?" I realized I was letting myself and my clients down by not having these pro products easily available for them. So here I am! I also coach an incredible team of people to build their own Limelife business as well. I hope you'll join me, as a customer or teammate!

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