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Perfect Base For Every Face

Perfect Foundation - 34 Shades of Flawless

Let the best version of you shine!


Our Products

Our family-owned company was founded in 1952, selling stage makeup to starlets. We got to know some of the top artists in theater and film and learned the secrets to achieving professional results for everyday beauty. We push boundaries in beauty innovation to create formulas and delivery systems that provide unparalleled results. You can still see our products at Fashion Shows, on Movie & TV sets and in Celebrity Makeup Artists’ kits.

Our Promise

We ban over 2,700 ingredients and follow EU standards to ensure the highest standard. Every formula is rigorously tested to ensure maximum efficacy. Our skincare products include natural standout ingredients that deliver clinical backed results and consistent benefits. Our cosmetics are developed using premium pigment quality and ingredient safety.

Our Philosophy

We're out to create products and a beauty movement that's inclusive of all ages, all shades of skin, and all abilities.

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