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I've been a professional makeup artist for over a eight years, and while I've always wanted to be able to sell my clients the professional makeup I used on them, it was never a possibility until Limelight by Alcone. I am so thrilled to be able to bring the professional, top performing makeup lines I was already carrying in my kit to my clients - and so are they! Unlike purchasing makeup from a store, when you purchase Limelight from me I am able to offer you my 8 years of expertise in the way of ongoing support. I want you to have the right makeup, and I want you to know how to use it correctly! Those interested in selling Limelight, I'd love to have you on our team! Our team's leadership is comprised of real, working makeup artists in bridal, tv/film and celebrities. This is an opportunity to learn artistry from real professionals while promoting a fabulous makeup and skincare line! Contact me for more details or go to

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