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Your personal beauty guide

Donna Kilgore

Hello! I'm Donna, and I'm so delighted to have the opportunity to be your personal Beauty Guide! Unleash your inner confidence and outer radiance by being beautifully, authentically, confidently, and unapologetically everyday-amazing YOU! I'm passionate about helping others discover fun new ways to accentuate their natural outer beauty in order to create confidence that highlights their wonderful inner beauty. My mission is to empower others to see this deeper beauty in themselves and to embrace being comfortable in the skin they’re in by making it the best skin possible! I have personally been using these products for 4 years and I believe they are the best of the best products out there. I'm dedicated to continuing to grow in this industry on both a personal and professional level and to help others with all of their beauty, skincare, and makeup needs. Let’s build each other up through love and support that transcends all the trappings and pressures of society and allows us to embrace what makes each of us uniquely beautiful-- inside and out . I'm here to help you in any way you need! Feel free to message me to set up a free 1-on-1 skincare consultation and/or color-matching consultation, or to schedule a makeup tip & tutorial session, or to inquire about skincare classes and/or live makeup how-to's. Or, just to chat. XoXo -Donna

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